Oliver at Oliver’s mum’s job

oliver_candyHelping_assemble_door_classified Oliver_checking_out_parking_meter

I’m Oliver Karlsson’s mum, Helene.

I work at AQ ParkoPrint in Gävle, Sweden. http://aqg.se/en/parkoprint

We manufacture parking meters for a company called CALE ACCESS.http://www.caleamerica.com/

(it’s a Swedish company but this is the American homepage)

These meters are sold all over the world. Maybe you have one in your town? Look for the logo next time you go to the mall.

If you see it – we have done it!

I work as a Purchaser. My job is very interesting. I get to do all sorts of things. I decide when and how much of parts and components to buy, and when we need it to be delivered. And also buy candy or cake for special occasions, like today, Valentine’s day.

Today (the 14th of February 2014), “Flat Oliver” was on a visit at my work. I think he had a great time. It’s not every day we provides candy to our visitors. He looked around in the factory, said hello to several of my colleagues and tried to help out when we assembled a door, since its classified how we do it, I had to make some adjustments on the picture. I asked him to do inventory on our screws and bolts, but he did not want to, they were to many. After all day eating candy-hearts he had to make a visit to the toilet. Luckily we have one for visitors.

I had lots of fun taking photos and showing Oliver around my work. I hope you will have a good time looking at the pictures.

Best Regards / Med vänlig hälsning

Helene Karlsson