Deep Snow and Deep Freeze in Hudson

Hello! This winter has been very cold here and very snowy. School has been cancelled four days due to the temperature being very, very cold – about -32 degrees C. We are hoping that we don’t miss any more days of school, or we might have to add on days at the end of the school year. We hope you are staying nice and warm in Sweden! At least the days are getting longer!

This is a photo showing that the snow is piled up above the windows! Jack and Noah say, “Hello,” to you all!

photo (18)


Flat Johnna at Hudson Middle School


Hello Johnna. Here you are at Hudson Middle School where my mom is a teacher. Our schools have a raider as our symbol. It has been very cold here, so we didn’t have school yesterday (Thursday, January 23). Next week is supposed to be very cold, too. We really hope it warms up soon.


Ella och Ava på julen

Ella Ella (2)

Hej Ava! På julen var jag med min morbror och vi åt god mat. Det var bara min mormor som lagade maten men det blev god mat.

Jag fick jättebra julklappar den bästa julklappen var att jag fick One Direction-biljetter.

Hello Ava! On Christmas I was with my uncle and we ate good food. It was just my grandmother who cooked the food but it was good food.

I got great Christmas presents the best Christmas present was that I got One Direction tickets.