35 thoughts on “Hello from Hudson Prairie

  1. What fun it was to get into your music room. I have a question: what’s your principal? Greetings Lucas

    Vad kul det var att få komma in i ert musikrum. Jag har en fråga: vad heter er rektor? hälsningar Lucas

  2. hi Devin. Have I done something naughty for which I am at the principal’s office? Thanks for the letter Devin bye

    hej Devin. Har jag gjort något olydigt efter som jag är hos rektorn? Tack för brevet Devin hej då

  3. Hi Hunter.S. what lovely trees! how many children are in school? greetings Gustav.

    Hej Hunter.S. vilka fina träd! hur många barn finns i skolan? hälsningar Gustav.

  4. How nice that you have a newsroom that is not us. we have nothing kind of what you have. thanks for put me in the TV studio I like to watch TV.

    Vad kul att ni har en nyhetsstudio det har inte vi. vi har typ ingenting av det som ni har. tack för att du satte mig i TVstudion för jag gillar att kolla på TV.

  5. Hi Max. The book is called Too Much Glue. It is about a boy doing his art project and used too much glue. He got glued to his desk! At the end he got unstuck. Our art teacher uses the book to teach us about using the right amount of glue.

  6. Hello Hailey what a nice desk you have!
    Is it new or have you had it long? from Lisa!

    Hej Hailey vilken fin bänk du har!
    Är den ny eller har du haft den länge? från Lisa!

    • We get a new desk each year when we change to a new grade and classroom. Our teacher gives us the desk. At the end of the year, we take home all of our books, papers, pencils, and other school supplies. Then, in the fall when school starts, we get a different desk. The desks are about 15 years old as that is when our school was opened, in 1998.

  7. Hi Kayla! How nice that you have a room you can practice speaking in front of others. How old is your school? from Love

    Hej Kayla! Vad kul att ni har ett rum ni kan öva att prata inför andra. Hur gammal är er skola? from Love

    • Hi Love. Yes, my teacher in that room with the trampoline is Mrs. Bopray. We play lots of games in there. We also go on that swing and talk to her while we swing. Our school is 15 years old. Bye from Kayla

  8. Hello Brooklyn I wonder why I got two pictures?
    This you should know that I like to climb and go slide. And what a great playground, it’s beautiful. Goodbye from Jonna.

    Hej Brooklyn jag undrar varför jag fick 2 bilder?
    och det här bodde du veta att jag gillar att klättra och att åka rutschkana. Och vilken stor lekpark och det är jättefin. Hej då från Jonna.

    • Hi Johnna. You got an extra photo of our school! You would like our playground as we have many things to climb and six slides – one long tube slide, three slides together, one small slide, and one small tube slide, Goodbye from Brooklyn

  9. So glad you put me in the computer lab. I like computers. from Emil

    Vad bra att du satte mig i datasalen. Jag gillar datorer. från Emil

  10. What a great library! How many are you in the whole school? / Fred

    Vilket stort bibliotek! Hur många är ni på hela skolan? /Fred

    • Hello Fred. We have about 500 students in our school. We have grades kindergarten through fifth grade, ages 5 – 11. Yes, we have a great library. My favorite books are the Bad Kitty Books. I also like the Magic Tree House books. From Ben

  11. What a fine school. Which fine trees you have done. What good computers you have. What a nice playground! from Filip

    Vilken fin skola. Vilka fina träd ni har gjort. Vilka fina datorer ni har. Vilken fin lekpark! från Filip

  12. Hi Marissa!
    Who is standing behind me in the window?
    Bye! From Rut!

    Hej Marissa!
    Vem är det som står bakom mig i fönstret?
    Hejdå! Från Rut!

      • We don´t have a school counselor at our school but one who just come now and then we can´t remember her name right now. We have a school nurse who comes twice a week her name is Kristina.

  13. Unfair that you have a trampoline indoors – we will have that too. 🙂
    I wonder what your principal name?
    from Robin

    Orättvist att ni har en studsmatta inomhus – det vill vi också ha. 🙂
    Jag undrar vad din rektor heter?
    från Robin

  14. Hey Jack, this is where a small shrub or a wreath as I sit in?
    What is the kind of carriage on the sign? How many are you in class? by Simon

    Hej Jack, är det där en liten buske eller en krans som jag sitter i?
    Vad är det för slags vagn på skylten? Hur många är ni i klassen? från Simon

    • Hi Simon. You are sitting on some plants. It is a wooden covered wagon. In the old days, people used to ride in those across the United States. That was before cars were invented. Sometimes people even lived in the covered wagons. The wagons were hooked to horses, which pulled the wagons. Sincerely, Jack

  15. What great pumpkins! Would you like to join our Satra school?
    from Nelia
    Vilka fina pumpor! Skulle du vilja gå vår Sätra skola?
    från Nelia

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